"Lost" actress Elizabeth Mitchell cast in ABC's "V" pilot

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet Burke on Lost, has been cast in the new ABC pilot for V

Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet Burke on the popular series Lost, has been cast in the ABC pilot for V, its remake of the classic science fiction television miniseries, according to an Entertainment Weekly report.

Although ABC and Warner Bros. officials told the magazine she was only cast as a guest star, the announcement led to speculation and concern that the casting could mean Mitchell's character will be bumped off at the end of Lost's fifth season.

EW reports at least two characters will be killed during this season, which ends in May 2009.

During a January interview with New York magazine, Mitchell said of the Shakespearean roots in her name, " I’m certain it’s not random because they’re never random. It does seem to me that she’s pretty much destined for tragedy, whichever way she goes, no matter how hard she tries to fight against it."

Juliet, who was introduced in show's third season, was one of the "Others" who were on the island before the main characters' plane crashed there. She is currently involved in a love-quadrnagle with characters Sawyer, Jack and Kate.