".asia" domain applications near 300,000 on opening of registration

Friday, February 29, 2008

The new generic top-level domain, ".asia", met with an Internet landrush following the February 20 launch of the Asia-Pacific domain. Applications have not only come from Asian countries, but also from Europe and North America. Asia accounted for 35% of all applications with Europe and North America taking 40% and 24% respectively.

According to the DotAsia Organization, global application on launch were approximately 266,700. Currently Dotalliance Inc. & EuroDNS S.A. are the top two registrars.

We [DotAsia Organization] have reserved several applications for notable small-business companies in the previous sunrise period before this Landrush. This (reservation) take a good effect and several registered organizations all got their wanted websites. With near 300,000 applications anticipated for the ".asia" domain, it demonstrated a strong demand for ".Asia".

—Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia.

With the ".asia" domain having become notable, many more applications are expected before the closing date of March 12.


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