Zanu-PF attempts to reassign Zimbabwean ministries, MDC angered

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Robert Mugabe
Image: Jeremy Lock.

Zanu-PF, which until recently had complete control over all Zimbabwean cabinet posts, has reassigned control of these in a process separate from the power sharing negotiations which are taking place. This move seems aimed at giving Zanu-PF, the party lead by Robert Mugabe, control of the most important government ministries. The move will not be official, however, until approved in the power sharing negotiations.

The move was announced yesterday in The Herald, a newspaper run by Zanu-PF, and was criticized heavily from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which is led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

"The MDC dismisses the Zanu PF's unilaterally gazetted wish list of ministries, which is a betrayal of the wishes, expectations and aspirations of the majority of Zimbabweans," said the MDC in a press release. "The Herald-published list of ministries is a product of unilateral, contemptuous and outrageous machinations by Zanu PF. In fact, it is a giant act of madness which puts the whole deal into jeopardy. Zanu PF cannot nocturnally allocate ministries barely hours after the three principals agreed to disagree by referring the matter to the mediator after a logjam over all key ministries."

"Zanu PF's ploy is to preempt the visit of the mediator and any attempt by SADC to try and help Zimbabweans locate exit points to the current impasse," added the press release.

Zanu-PF allocation of ministries

Ministry Controlling Party
Defence Zanu-PF
Home Affairs Zanu-PF
Foreign Affairs Zanu-PF
Transport Zanu-PF
Local Government and Urban Development Zanu-PF
Mines and Mining Development Zanu-PF
Lands, Agriculture and Resettlement Zanu-PF
Environment, Natural Resources and Tourism Zanu-PF
Higher and Tertiary Education Zanu-PF
Small and Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development Zanu-PF
Justice and Legal Affairs Zanu-PF
Media, Information and Publicity Zanu-PF
Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development Zanu-PF
Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Zanu-PF
Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs MDC
Economic Planning and Investment Promotion MDC
Energy and Power Development MDC
Health and Child Welfare MDC
Labour and Social Welfare MDC
Water Resources Development and Management MDC
Public Service MDC
Sport, Arts and Culture MDC
State Enterprise and Parastatals MDC
Science and Technology Development MDC
Information Communication Technology MDC
Public Works MDC
National Housing and Social Amenities MDC
Regional Integration and International Co-operation MDC
Education MDC
Industry and Commerce MDC
Finance Not allocated