Yale graduate student who went missing before wedding found dead

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut
Image: Ragesoss .

A graduate student attending Yale University who went missing five days before her planned wedding was found dead on Sunday, police said.

Annie Le, an American doctoral student seeking a degree in medicine, went missing on September 8, five days before her planned wedding. Investigators reviewed footage from the security cameras of 10 Amistad, the building where Le last entered, and found no evidence that she had left. Police scouring the building found a body, later identified as Le's, hidden in a wall. Earlier, police had found bloody clothes in the ceiling, which they think belonged to the killer.

According to the medical examiner, Le had been strangled.

Le was set to marry Jonathan Widawsky, a graduate student studying physics at Columbia University.

Police believe that there was a motive, and that the slaying was not random. A lab technician, who was labeled a "person of interest" by police, had failed a polygraph and had defensive wounds on his chest, was detained and later released. However, no arrests have been made in connections with the homicide, according to a police spokesman.

In December 1998, Suzanne Jovin was found murdered on the Yale campus.


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