World University Games 2007 opened in Turin

Thursday, January 18, 2007 File:Palasport-Olimpico-Turin.jpg

The event was hosted in the Torino Palasport Olimpico, a modern arena built for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.
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The opening ceremony of 23th edition of Winter Universiade took place yesterday night in Turin. The Universiade, also referred to as the World University Games, is an international event for university athletes organized by the International University Sports Federation.

Representatives of 52 countries took part to the event. The participants to this edition of Universiade are the highest number ever, both in terms of countries and athletes (that amount to 2,700). The Olympic Oath was taken by Francesco Ghedina, nephew of famous downhill skier, Kristian Ghedina while Livio Berruti, world medalist in 200 metres in 1960 Olympic Games, was the last torch relay and ignited symbolically the Olympic Flame. The fire was just symbolic because obvious safety reasons prohibited a real fire inside an indoor arena.

The ceremony show featured the Football World Champion Gianluigi Buffon, goalkeeper of Juventus, the long jumper Andrew Howe and the actor Arturo Brachetti.