Woman shot, killed during standoff with police in Longview, Texas

Friday, May 10, 2013

Police authorities in Longview, Texas were embroiled in a standoff with an armed suspect for several hours yesterday. Late in the day, police —according to police reports— fired on and killed Candace Jackson, 38, as she exited the house and fired upon officers nearby.

The incident happened in a residential area near the 2000 block of Eden Drive. Early in the standoff, a police spokesperson told reporters the individual had possession of several weapons. Eye witnesses report the suspect being taken away from the scene via ambulance.

SWAT officers were dispatched to the scene, and many neighborhood residents were evacuated with the help of an armored police vehicle, manned by a sniper. Some residents who lived nearby gathered at a local convenience store until authorities would allow them to return. News video from the scene showed numerous police vehicles including the armored vehicle.

Some school buses carrying children who live in the area of the standoff were rerouted back to school, and parents were notified to pick up their children at the campuses. One man told reporters that his wife and child hid in a closet when they heard gunshots in the vicinity of their home.