Woman appointed as Bucharest prefect

Monday, January 24, 2005

Bucharest, Romania —Mioara Mantale was appointed yesterday as the new prefect of the Romania's capital Bucharest. She is the first female prefect in the history of the city. Mantale said that, "I am honored that the Romanian government had confidence in me to appoint me in this position", adding that a woman in a public position is a positive thing.

Mantale, who is 38 years of age and from the northern town of Iaşi, specialises in the capital market and has a masters degree in internal law and international environmental law.

Prefects in Romania are appointed by the President and are sent to each of the 40 counties and well as the capital, Bucharest. They act as the liaison between the central government of Romania and the local governments of each county.

Mantale's appointment was well received after the previous appointed prefect resigned after President Traian Băsescu claimed that he was not a good choice. Mantale is part of the Democratic Party, the same party that Băsescu belonged to before being elected as president. She also had good relations with the President while he was the general mayor of Bucharest.