Witnesses testify in former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's trial

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

As the trial of Saddam Hussein drew another day of testimony, the court heard the testimony of five witnesses of the killing of 140 men in Dujail, a town north of Baghdad.

Witnesses who feared showing their face or voice were allowed to testify in a covered box with their voice altered. Their names were also protected and each witness was named with a letter. The defense was, however, allowed to know the name of the witnesses as long as those names were not disclosed outside the proceedings.

Tuesday's court session lasted around nine hours.

Testimony Highlights

Witness A

  • Female
  • Iraqi intelligence officers in the Abu Ghraib prison beat her with cables and gave her electric shocks
  • Recalled torture of family members and others in prison
  • Officers destroyed homes and orchards

Witness C