Wildfires spread across parts of Oklahoma

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

State flag of Oklahoma flies over the state's Capitol.

Fire crews have battled numerous wildfires across portions of Oklahoma during recent days. At least eighteen fires have been reported across the state, one of which severely damaged the town of Luther, nearly destroying it. Media sources indicate the fires have damaged over 68,000 acres.

Many of the fires burned throughout Saturday night. In the central part of the state, various rural areas and small towns were evacuated; officers went door to door in some locales to notify residents of the impending dangers. A spokesperson for the American Red Cross reported approximately 50 people stayed overnight in an emergency shelter set up in the town of Cushing, just outside of Oklahoma City.

The state continues under a state of emergency. The governor, Mary Fallin, visited the town of Luther on Saturday, extending her sympathies amidst the disaster. She told reporters, "It's heartbreaking to see families that have lost so much." She has also issued a statewide ban on all burning activities.