Wikinews Shorts for Canada: April 28, 2007

A compilation of Canadian brief news reports for {{subst:#time:F j, Y}}.

McGill University students records made public

The Martlet House at McGill University

Records at Montreal, Quebec's McGill University were made public because of a glitch in their new computer search system, CBC reports.

At a single search of a student, one could find all their transcripts and their marks. Several students that were interviewed by the CBC said they could find transcripts and other students' marks.

CBC contacted the University and they responded quickly.

"As soon as we discovered the breach, we immediately addressed it," deputy provost Morton Mendelson said. "We removed the files, corrected the breach and we are moving forward. We'll take precautions to ensure that analogous problems do not occur again."


Newfoundland premier in conflict with Prime Minister

Danny Williams

Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams says Prime Minister Stephen Harper's attitude of Atlantic Canada is that they are a "culture of defeat".

The remarks were in response to Harper's recent comment about the province of Newfoundland and Labrador's budget.

"It sounds like a good Conservative budget to me," Harper said on Tuesday's Question Period. "It also sounds like Atlantic Canada is having awful rough treatment and it wants it to continue."

"His buddy [U.S. President] George Bush calls him 'Steve', so, you know, I can call him 'Steve'. I'm not a buddy of his," Williams told reporters. "By the same token, I have to basically treat him with the same disdain that he's treating Newfoundlanders and Labradorians."


Environmentalist David Suzuki says gov't needs to meet Kyoto targets on time

Environmentalist David Suzuki said Environment Minister John Baird's new environmental plan, entitled Turning the Corner, an alternative plan to Kyoto, needs to meet its requirements on time. The Conservatives say the new environmental plan will miss the deadline by years.

David Suzuki

"Mr. Baird, you are the minister of the environment, not the minister of finance," Suzuki said. "Your job is to protect the environment."

Baird said it will still work out even if it will miss the Kyoto deadline. He also blames the Liberals for not having a plan before the Conservatives were elected.

Baird just recently unveiled the new plan on Thursday. He also unveiled some details on Wednesday about the plan before making his formal announcement on Thursday, after the Conservative governments' documents were accidentally faxed to the Liberal Party.

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