Wikinews Shorts: September 3, 2008

A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, September 3, 2008.

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US hands over security for Anbar province to Iraq

Signing of provincial Iraqi control documents

The United States military has handed Anbar province, once the centre of Iraq's Sunni insurgency, to Iraqi control at a ceremony in the provincial capital. For Iraqi politics, the Anbar handover is especially meaningful because the Shiite-dominated Iraq military will now provide security in a largely Sunni province. Anbar is the eleventh of 18 provinces that the coalition has returned to Iraqi control, but it is the first Sunni province. President George W. Bush said that "Today, Anbar is no longer lost to al-Qaeda, it is al-Qaeda that lost Anbar."


Stanford builds helicopters that teach themselves acrobatics

Stanford University has developed an artificial intelligence software that allows their model helicopters to learn complex aerial acrobatics simply by "watching" a human. The human controlled helicopter is monitored by a variety of sensors which funnel all the data into the AI software. Once the acrobatic trick has been repeated a few times, the computer analyzes the data. It is then capable of repeating, with greater accuracy than the human controller, the acrobatics. This system allows the helicopters to preform aerial maneuvers far more complicated than previously possible.


Malaysian man uses nut to extend penis, gets stuck

A Malaysian man, who was about to be engaged, attempted to use a nut to weigh down and elongate his penis. Once he got an erection, the nut became stuck and he was unable to remove it. He sought treatment at a local hospital where they were able to remove it. He is expected to be released from the hospital shortly.