Wikinews Shorts: September 1, 2008

A compilation of brief news reports for Monday, September 1, 2008.

German Television reportedly manipulates interview with Putin

ARD, a German television channel allegedly manipulated an interview with Russian Prime Minister Putin. Reportedly, more then half of the interview was cut and dropped. A spokesperson for the channel have said that there was no manipulation of the interview which was published on August 30th, 2008.


Star Trek: The Experience to close

Star Trek: The Experience, located in the Las Vegas Hilton, is due to close its doors after a 10 year run. Even though the attraction is popular, the tenant, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., could not come to an agreement with the Hilton over the terms of a new lease. The Experience will end with a decommissioning ceremony modeled after the US Navy, at 10PM on September 1st.


Dark Knight hits $500 million

'The Dark Knight', the 2008 film sequel to 'Batman Begins', has hit the $500 million mark in the domestic box office. It is only the second movie in history to hit this mark. The first film was 'Titanic', and completed it's run at over $600 million. 'The Dark Knight', while taking only six weeks to do what 'Titanic' took 3 months, is not expected to beat out the number one player. Recently 'The Dark Knight' has been topped by "Tropic Thunder" in the domestic box offices.


Hazmat incident closes two St. Louis ERs

Two hospital emergency rooms in St. Louis were closed and quarantined after several patients arrived claiming to have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Three men arrived at St. Anthony's Medical center, three showed up at SSM DePaul Health Center and while an additional person was seen at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, which did not have its emergency room closed. The chemical was later identified as nitroaniline. So far two have died from the effects of the chemical.