Wikinews Shorts: December 5, 2008

A compilation of brief news reports for Friday, December 5, 2008.

Bombings strike Iraqi city


According to local police, two suspected car bombs detonated in the city of Fallujah, Iraq, killing at least fifteen people and injuring several dozen more.

Two police positions were the targets of the attack. Both suffered from damage, with one being completely totaled, according to reports from a senior police officer. Several houses in the vicinity of the police positions were also damaged.

Fallujah is located in the eastern part of the Al Anbar Governorate. The city was at the centre of a Sunni-led rebellion against US forces after the latter invaded Iraq in 2003.


Security alert at Dehli's airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport (source:Grubb)

There was a security scare at Dehli's Indira Gandhi International Airport in India on Thursday in what later seemed to be a false alarm, according to officials at the airport.

There were unconfirmed reports that shots had been fired from a car near the international terminal of the airport, but Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Deputy Inspector General Udayan Banerjee later stated that "there was no eyewitness" to any shooting and there were no reports of injuries.

"We have combed the airport inch by inch and we have found nothing. The same is for the domestic airport. Nothing has happened," said the person in charge of the CISF control room, K. R. Singh.

This comes just days after last week's attack of Mumbai that killed almost 200 people.


Ship gets stuck on Antarctic shores

Antarctica (source: Andrew Mandemaker)

The Argentine Navy reported that a cruise ship with 122 people on board has run aground on the coast of Antarctica in Wilhelmina Bay.

Admiral Daniel Martin reported that the ship, which is named Ushuaia, was leaking fuel, and that small amounts of water were coming in. The ship is 300 kilometres southwest of Argentina's Marambio Base on the Antarctic peninsula.

A nearby passenger ship is en route to rescue the stranded vessel.