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I'm not real sure where exactly it is that I'm going here, but I was just bopping around earlier, and noted that the top "latest news" story on the main page for (the state of) Vermont was published in 2009! Really?? 2009? Noone has published a story about something that happened in Vermont in 2 years here? I think I'll have to do something about that.-- (talk) 22:45, 18 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]


The Twitter feed isn't being updated. Can we get that fixed please? —Tom Morris (talk) 15:47, 20 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]


Apparently, Wikimedia's mobile support finally supports us. the space junk article in mobile wmf blog. Bawolff 13:53, 15 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]

I had trouble following those links because (presumably) the Secure all links gadget was garbling the URLs. --Pi zero (talk) 14:49, 15 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Technically it's supported, but at the moment enwn still doesn't have a mobile main page. (All elements on the main page with an id beginning with "mf-" are included in the mobile main page.) --Yair rand (talk) 05:58, 20 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]
If, for example, we simply wanted to put the top lead and main headlines on the mobile version, what changes would you recommend? --Brian McNeil / talk 13:00, 22 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]
We do have a mobile main page, now, consisting of the leads. [1]. --Pi zero (talk) 14:38, 22 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]


I am the author of the article I wish to post. Where do I put the byline? Am I the source? Do I cite myself?