Wikinews:Requests for arbitration

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If you have tried all steps of Wikinews:Dispute resolution without success, you may make a request for arbitration. The Arbitration Committee will look at your case and decide whether or not to hear it. If the case is heard, the committee will collect evidence and seek remedies, through consensus if possible.

In your request for arbitration, please provide links demonstrating your attempts at dispute resolution prior to petitioning the Arbitration Committee. Requests without such links will be denied.

Current requests


To create a request for arbitration:

  1. Add the names (of the parties to the dispute) in the box below and click the Start a request button.
  2. Complete the relevant sections on the resulting page and save it.
  3. Transclude the request page by adding the title, enclosed with curly brackets, at the foot of the page e.g.:
{{Wikinews:Requests for arbitration/Foo and Bar}}