An international Paralympic skier at a competition in the United States
  • Date: 28 February 2013
  • Location: McDonalds in Barcelona Sants train station
  • Time: 6:30pm



This meetup will be an opportunity to debrief on the International Paralympic Ski World Championship Wikimedia coverage project, and to discuss the opportunity to grow regional coverage of sports and other cultural organisations inside Wikimedia's GLAM framework. Beyond discussing regional efforts, a Wikimedian from Australia will discuss her efforts at doing similar efforts in her country that included going to London to attend the Paralympic Games where she produced over 70 stories for Wikinews and resulted in increased engagement by sport organisations and people with Wikimedia projects.

Prior to going to covering the World Championships, a sport organisation inside the country was contacted about doing a similar project here. The location, multilingual aspects of doing such a project, the lack of current news coverage, and the availability of improving non-existent or short articles should provide a useful case study for others from the region for doing similar projects by demonstrating a regional track record for success.

If you are if you are interested in learning more about existing efforts, how you can assist in new efforts and how you can work on creating new relationships to do similar work in your area, please attend and please help us promote the meetup! It should be a great time! Sports and culture! Wikimedia and sport attire welcome! :D

Please help!

Jorge Migueles, the Chilean skier, in action in Vail

Please help us by translating this page into Catalan and Spanish!

If you are interested in participating in the International Paralympic Ski World Championship Wikimedia coverage project, you can help by translating articles from English Wikinews to Catalan Wikinews and Spanish Wikinews during the event, by transcribing interviews, translating articles from English Wikipedia to Catalan Wikipedia and Spanish Wikipedia (see list below) and by assisting in adding metadata including categories to images uploaded to Commons for this event.

English Wikipedia articles needing translating include Para-alpine skiing, Para-alpine skiing classification, LW1 (classification), LW2 (classification), LW3 (classification), LW4 (classification), LW5/7, LW6/8, LW9, LW10, LW11, LW12, B1 (classification), B2 (classification), B3 (classification), Sighted guide, Aleix Suñé, Anna Cohí, Félix Aznar, Carme García, Ramón Homs, Jacob Guilera, Miguel Galindo Garces, and Eric Villalon.

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