Wikinews:IPC Alpine Ski World Championships

One Australian Wikinews reporter already in Spain for six weeks, LauraHale, and one Spanish Wikinews reporter living in Spain, Raystorm, will be going to La Molina, Spain for the IPC Alpine Ski World Championships from 20–27 February 2013. This is the second stage in a process to get media accreditation for Sochi.

Why the success of this matters


The coverage of the IPC Alpine Ski World Championships at La Molina in February matters in terms of seeking Olympic and Paralympic media access for the 2014 Sochi Games for non-Australians. Winter reporting is different than summer sport reporting. It is almost exclusively outside. Weather is a challenge. Temperature is a challenge. For photographs, there are high contrast issues. At the same time, it provides a valuable case study for expanding the Australian efforts to another part of the world and another language.


  • Provide case study for Comité Paralímpico Español (Spanish Paralympic Committee) for the development of a programme similar to the Australian HOPAU programme; and
  • Attain media accreditation for Raystorm to attend the 2014 Sochi Paralympics as a Wikimedian.


  • 2 articles on English Wikipedia and 1 article on Spanish Wikipedia associated with winter Paralympic sport in Spain nominated for GA by the end of the March;
  • Articles created about all notable (per WP:GNG and WP:NSPORTS) Spanish para-alpine skiers on English Wikipedia;
  • Articles created about all notable (per WP:ASR) Spanish para-alpine skiers on Spanish Wikipedia;
  • Updates to English and Spanish Wikipedia for existing notable active members of Spain’s Paralympic ski and snowboard team;
  • Translations of the para-alpine skiing, para-alpine skiing classification and at least three specific para-alpine skiing classification articles from English to Spanish Wikipedia;
  • 250 pictures uploaded to Commons for winter sport;
  • 10+ of these pictures used on at least 10 articles in 2 or more languages for Wikipedia;
  • Headshots of all Spanish Paralympic team members competing;
  • Headshots of at least three non-Spanish, non-United States, non-Oceania competitors for articles on English and Spanish Wikipedia;
  • 15 14+ English Wikinews articles of which at least 6 will be interviews, with at least 1 not being about a Spaniard;
  • 2+ Spanish Wikinews articles;
  • Audio versions of all interviews done uploaded to Commons for use outside Wikinews;
  • Organize a bilingual English and Spanish IRC workshop; and
  • Organize a Wikimedia meetup in La Molina. Moved to Barcelona.



Event coverage

  • Date: ; 20–27 February 2013
  • Location: La Molina, Spain

Meetup and Workshop

Wikinews IRC Workshop
Will be there
  • LauraHale

La Molina Meetup
  • Date: TBD
  • Location: La Molina, Spain
  • Time: TBD

Barcelona Meetup

Original reporting


Given the potential for fast paced, breaking news being written over a sustained period of time, a dropbox folder has been created to facilitate sharing of notes, video, audio and other materials to be used in original reporting. If you would like access to this folder, please contact LauraHale with an e-mail address she can use to give you access to on dropbox. Beyond the original reporting being done directly on Wikinews by LauraHale and es:User:Raystorm, these materials can be used by other reporters on Wikinews to write original reporting, or original reporting combined with synthesis reporting, to write about the IPC Alpine Ski World Championships. Any and all original reporting using notes and materials provided by the reporters on the ground will be appreciated.

If you are new to Wikinews, please read Wikinews:Original reporting, Wikinews:Style guide and Wikinews:Content guide to get an idea of how to write a Wikinews article.

Pictures and other media


There are no restrictions on uploading and licensing.



Information on the event can be found at IPC Alpine Ski World Championships .



Because the goal is to publish one to three original reporting stories a day, there is a very real need to have several approved reviewers available to review articles. If you can commit to reviewing articles during the Alpine Ski World Championships, please put your name below. If you do not have reviewer rights but can comment on collaboration pages regarding original reporting notes supporting text, neutrality, following the manual of style AND/OR make changes to articles to speed the reviewing process along by fixing errors in those area, please do sign up in the copyeditor section. Assistance is appreciated. We cannot do this successfully with out support from Wikinews' reviewers.

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