Wikinews:Country of the Week/Results log

Total articles so far as a result of Country of the Week: 28

Week 12: Antarctica (0)Edit

  • None

Week 11: Fiji (3)Edit

Week 10: Belarus (2)Edit

The two articles were submitted a bit late, but I hope nobody will complain too much ;)

Week 9: Rwanda (11)Edit

Note: Due to overwelling support for Rwanda (4 votes) and a special circumstance (Clare's trip to Rwanda), Rwanda was COTW for two weeks.

Rwanda has been our most successful COTW so far, with 11 articles written.

Week 8: Papua New Guinea (0)Edit

  • None

Week 7: Luxembourg (0)Edit

  • None

Week 6: Moldova (2)Edit

Week 5: Switzerland (5)Edit

Week 4: Bhutan (2)Edit

Week 3: Norway (3)Edit

Week 2: Eritrea (1)Edit

Week 1: Nigeria (4)Edit