Wikinews:Briefs/August 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Microsoft's PlaysForSure DRM cracked

Engadget reported last Friday that a crack for Microsoft's PlaysForSure DRM has been released. The application that removes the protection is called "FairUse4WM". It allegedly removes all DRM from Windows Media DRM versions 10 and 11, although it does not work for version 9. Files from the Napster online music service have been reported to work with this software. According to some, it removes all protection from the files and allows them to be played by any non-DRM-enabled WMA decoder.

Atlantis launch delayed by weather

NASA's launch of the space shuttle Atlantis was delayed due to lightning storms in the Florida Gulf, and may possibly be delayed indefinitely due to Tropical Storm Ernesto. This will allow more time to analyze the impact of lightning on the launch pad. The space shuttle was re-scheduled for today 15:43 local time (1842 UTC), but will now launch September 7 at the earliest.