Wikinews:Briefs/April 26, 2007

A compilation of brief news reports for Thursday, April 26, 2007.

Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at record high on Wednesday

The New York Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at an all time record high of 13,089.89. The Dow climbed 1.05% [135.95 points] at its closing bell.

On February 27, the Dow had a record for the worst day since 2001 and plunged over 400.00 points by the closing bell, after the stock exchanges in Asia had a steep loss on the same day.


Anarchist youths attack police station in Athens

Location of Greece

A group of around 30 or 40 anarchists launched an attack against a police station in Exarchia, a busy district in central Athens, in Greece. Meanwhile, another 70 hooded individuals launched other attacks. They set fire to vehicles, politician’s offices at the Kolonaki area and various bank departments in Exarhia. Greek Riot police responded with tear gas, while the fight between anarchists and the police still takes place in streets around the University of Athens. It is believed that the youths launched the attack in order to demonstrate their support to prisoners who started an uprising in three major prisons. Another demonstration takes place in Thessaloniki, but without any clashes, so far.


US Senate bill includes withdrawal date from Iraq

The Capitol building

The United States Senate today passed a spending bill that sets a target date of March 31, 2008 for a complete pull-out of United States forces from Iraq. The House of Representatives has already passed a similar measure. The bill also includes US$100 billion for the continuing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US President George W. Bush "will veto this legislation," said White House spokesperson Dana Perino. "The president is determined to win in Iraq. The bill they sent us today is mission defeated."

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Colombia hit by nationwide power-outage

Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia was faced with a nationwide electricity outage at 10:15 a.m. local time today. Traffic chaos and people trapped in elevators has been reported. Hospitals and airports continued operations, using their own backup generators.

Speaking on local radio, President Alvaro Uribe said, "It appears to have affected all of the country."

"The blackout was caused by a failure at an energy substation in northern Bogota. We do not know what type of failure it was," Manuel Maiguashca, vice minister of energy and mines, told reporters. Speculation that the outage was caused by left wing rebels was dismissed by officials.