Wikinews:Briefs/April 13, 2007

A compilation of brief news reports for Friday, April 13, 2007.

XP expunged from 2008


Microsoft has confirmed plans to discontinue sales of Windows XP from Jan 31st 2008, it has been revealed. This is despite limited customer uptake of the new Windows Vista operating system.

A spokesperson for Microsoft, Robert Epstien however reassured customers that support for XP is not ending yet though, BBC news quotes him as saying, "This is purely about availability of brand new licenses for brand new machines, We'll continue to support XP for some considerable time."


"No" to HIV migrants says Australian PM


HIV positive migrants or refugees should be blocked from entering Australia according to statements made by Australian Prime Minister Howard.

In a radio interview in Melbourne, Mr. Howard was apparently quoted as stating, "My initial reaction is no," he said. "There may be some humanitarian considerations that could temper that in certain cases, but, prime facie - no," Howard said in relation to the issue.

An angry reaction has come from charities involved with AIDS. Dr. Chris Lemoh, a specialist in infectious disease was quoted as as saying, "a hysterical overreaction, it mixes racism with a phobia about infectious disease"


Action needed to revive Science in UK

A report prepared for the UK Council of Industry and Higher Education, has stated that action is needed to halt the declining number of students opting for maths and science subjects.

Amongst the reports many recommendations, it has been suggested that A-Level students could be paid for passing exams in Maths and Science subjects.


'Gagged' MEPs speak out against Singapore

A group of European Parliament members (MEPs) has criticised Singapore from preventing them speaking at a forum on democracy.

Graham Watson a member of the group denied permission is quoted as saying: "I fear that, in this sense at least, it puts Singapore in a league with North Korea, Myanmar and the People's Republic of China."

Ignasi Guardans, another member of the group, added, "What has happened today proves that Singapore is an authoritarian state."


Visa transactions experience 'technical' issue

Owing to technical issues, some European Visa customers may have had transactions declined due to a technical problem

Visa spokesperson Simon Kleine was quoted (BBC News) as saying: "We are currently experiencing some technical problems in our card transaction processing. In some cases this is resulting in card transactions being declined."

However, Kleine was quick to reassure customers that "immediate action is being taken to overcome this problem and we hope to have a full service resumed as soon as possible."