Wikinews:Arbitration Committee/Elections July 2007/F.A.Q.

The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the elections in July 2007 for the Wikinews Arbitration Committee.

Who can nominate?Edit

Anyone who can vote can nominate anybody, including themselves.

How many users can I vote for?Edit

We will be using approval voting in this election, so you can vote for all the candidates that you think are acceptable. Candidates are not allowed to vote for themselves, because acceptance of the nomination constitutes their wish to be on the Arbitration Committee.

Who can be nominated for a position?Edit

Anyone can be nominated for the position, however it is unlikley that a new user will be nominated for a position on the Arbitration Committee.

Who can vote?Edit

Anyone meeting the requirements posted here has the ability to vote in this election.

Is this a secret ballot?Edit

No. Unlike the Wikimedia Board Election, voting will be conducted on Wikinews, and therefore anyone can see who anyone voted for.

Someone voted who isn't allowed to. What should I do?Edit

Do not remove the vote unless you are a member of the Election Committee. Members of the Election Committee (Thunderhead, Daniel, Martinp23 and Brian New Zealand) will be regularly checking the voting page for fraudulent votes. Please contact any of the Election Committee users on their talk page if you feel there has been an improper vote, providing all the details possible.

What is the Arbitration Committee?Edit

The Arbitration Committe (ArbCom for short) is a last resort for solving disputes between users on Wikinews, in extreme cases. It does not create policy, nor does it secretly rule Wikinews. The members act as judges in cases brought to the Committee. See WN:ARBCOM for more information.

Which seats are up for election?Edit

Ilya Haykinson, Chiacomo, and the seat formerly held by MessedRocker. Other members of the committee who are not up for election include Doldrums, Bawolff, and Brian New Zealand. Their term expires on January 31, 2008.

Do I need to be over 18, an admin, or disclose my true identity to run?Edit

No. However, some arbitrators receive checkuser and oversight privileges to help them do work for the Committee (but it is optional). To receive those privileges you need to be over 18, and (privately) identify yourself to the Wikimedia Foundation, per a resolution of the Wikimedia Foundation.

My question is not answered here, what do I do?Edit

Ask someone. Asking on the talk page, or asking someone on the Election Committee (Thunderhead, Daniel, Martinp23 and Brian New Zealand) will most likely get you answers. You can also try the Wikinews IRC channel.