Widespread insurgencies in Iraq

Saturday, April 23, 2005

map of Iraq

Insurgents in Iraq struck across numerous regions using suicide car bombings, planted bombs and mortars, aiming at American and Iraqi soldiers alike, and taking a civilian toll as well. There are 19 reported dead and over 3 dozen wounded.

A total of 10 bombs were reported, one of them near Abu Ghraib prison, where the photos of abused inmates were taken. While Baghdad was hit the hardest, hostilities were widespread.

Thus far, there is no single group responsible Saturday's following attacks:

  • 9 Iraqi soldiers killed in suicide car bombing west of Baghdad
  • 20 Guardsmen wounded at Abu Ghraib on Saturday car bombing of National Guard convoy
  • 1 Iraqi killed, 10 wounded in suicide bombing attack on a US convoy near Baghdad airport
  • 1 Iraqi woman killed, 7 men wounded in separate Baghdad bombing
  • 1 Guardsman killed, two wounded by roadside bomb at Yusufiya
  • 1 Marine killed in Al Haswah by roadside bomb
  • 1 AP camera man killed by gunfire in Mosul
  • 2 suicide car bombers wound 7 Iraqi police officers in southern city of Basra
  • 2 truck drivers killed in separate incidents near oil refinery town of Beiji
  • 7 injured in mortar attack at Iraqi military base in southern Baghdad
  • 1 US soldier killed in bomb explosion beside convoy west of Baghdad
  • 2 Marines killed by roadside bomb near Ar Ramadi
  • 2 civilians killed by roadside bombs in Al Baquba

On the day previous to Saturday, these attacks occurred:

  • 11 Iraqi killed, 20 wounded from car bomb at Shia mosque in eastern Baghdad
  • 6 detained in connection with shooting down commercial helicopter the killed 6 Americans

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