WebmasterWorld reports 75% of Google's blogspot as spam

Thursday, March 22, 2007

According to a survey conducted by WebmasterWorld some web sites, providing free web space for amateur bloggers contain in many cases mostly spam. Certain queries showed even a rate of 100% spam.

Experts from WebmasterWorld provided precise figures and statistics to their survey. For example the following list shows the percentage of spam on different popular sites providing free bloggers' web space:

  • blogspot.com with 77%
  • netscape.com with 74%
  • hometown.aol.com with 84%
  • hometown.aol.de with 91%
  • oas.org with 78%
  • xoomer.alice.it with 77%
  • home.aol.com with 95%
  • freewebs.com with 52%
  • blogstudio.com with 99%
  • maxpages.com with 81%
  • usaid.gov with 85%
  • blogsharing.com with 93%
  • sitegr.com with 100%
  • torospace.com with 95%
  • blog.hix.com with 100%

The present research was based on most popular queries on the blog sites. Among other the WebmasterWorld experts used the query phentermine on Google's blogspot.com and ringtone on hometown.aol.com. These queries proved that there blogospheres contained more than 74% splogs.

The researchers said that the main reason for this big amount of splogs was the fact that the web-space provided on the mentioned sites was free, thus the spammers don't have to bother buying a domain and paying its support.