Virgin of Suyapa visits Honduran suburb devastated by massacre

Monday, January 31, 2005

World locator map with Honduras highlighted in green.
World locator map with Honduras highlighted in green.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras —The Virgin of Suyapa, a 6cm high statue that is the patron saint of Honduras, was brought to the local suburb of Eben Ezer in Chamelecón, San Pedro Sula, after the residents of this area experienced the massacre of 27 people returning home by bus on 23rd December 2004. A further 29 were left injured. Many thousands of people from all over Central America come to Suyapa, a suburb of the capital Tegucigalpa, to celebrate her name day in early February, and she made this visit yesterday, Sunday January 30th, as a part of this year's celebrations.

Her presence was heavily guarded by a contingent of armed military troops, as this statue has already been stolen more than once, though always recovered later. A minute's silence was held at the spot where the massacre took place. The nationally well known bishop's assistant Rómulo Emiliani led the ceremonies.