Violence erupts after game at 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup

Friday, July 20, 2007

Logo of FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007.
Image: FIFA.

A representative of Chile's Under 20 team was subdued by taser after their match against Argentina in Toronto. The problem started as the Chile delegation entered the team bus.

Nathan Denette, a CP photographer, was quoted, "All of a sudden we looked over and there was a big brawl that breaks out, between four or five people. Next thing you know, the bus just unloads and there's eight, 10 players come off the bus and there's just fists flying everywhere, between the cops, the security guards, a couple of ladies were involved that were security. It looked like a big dogfight. People throwing fists and cops with their billyclubs out and then all of a sudden it got out of control and a police officer grabbed his taser gun and tasered someone - I don't know if he was a player or if he was part of the team - as soon as that happened, it got even worse. We heard this big was just commotion after commotion after commotion. Some of the players were trying to get players back on the bus. But some were furious they were trying to get back off the bus. And then they opened up the windows on the bus and were throwing things at the officers. And then all of sudden, they were trying to grab them from the inside of the bus. And it just escalated."

Police handcuffed some of the Chilean players. Many players were bleeding and screaming as they were escorted back to the dressing room.

FIFA officials were at the game. However, Toronto police took control of the situation.

This came after a very bad tempered 3-0 loss to continental rival Argentina where the referee and his assistants had to run to the tunnel after the game.