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1) Talk Planet Earth and 2) Talk Crust (geological)


Dear Sir

Being completely new I'm a bit shy to start editing in articles. Reading the articles about both subjects I found some inconsistencies.

1. If the temperature at the solid central core is considered to be some 7,000 degrees Celsius, then the material there is well above its critical point and therefor not solid but gas. Of course it could still be gas, but behaving like being solid, or maybe our gas laws are no longer applicable at the immense pressure there, but then the material just outside the central core is still gas and behaves like gas.

2. Extrapolating the temperature in the crust downward to the underside of the crust, I come to a temperature well above the critical points of carbon-dioxide, water, sulpher, nitrogen and many other materials. Therefor the layer under the crust has to be gas and the explosive eruptions like Krakatoa or the pyroclastic blowouts like the one that covered Pompeii, prove that it is indeed gas.

3. Extrapolating the temperature farther downwards to the edge of the central core I come to temperatures well above one million degrees. Which implies that the interior of the Earth is completely gas. Gas, being 3 to 6 times heavier than water. That gas is not moving around fast and freely like the hot air and smoke above a campfire.

Would you please guide me a bit how to have a friendly talk with those who wrote the articles?

I know that my findings are a bit unbelievable, but I'm working on this field since summer 1944 and I do have a Master degree on energy supply, flow, heat transfer, thermodynamics, energy conversions and related subjects.

Sincerely yours.

Jan de Bouwer

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