A picture of my Chinese kite being flown on Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth, taken August 2006.


Hello, welcome to my user page.

I don't edit here that much, but I do try and help from time to time. I am an admin on the Simple English Wikipedia and also edit a bit on the English Wikipedia.

Please email me or speak to me on my talk page if you think I could help you.

My Accounts

The account Tholly is an SUL, so it is me on all Wikimedia projects. I may also use use Thollyness sometimes for security reasons on public computers. My bot, Thollybot, is also an SUL account so is mine on all projects, although does not function on Wikinews.

For a full list of projects I have logged into as Tholly, see here.

Have a look at my edit statistics here or here.

Thanks - tholly --Talk--