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The bellman is a character from The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll. My real name is Robin Shannon and i live in Canberra, Australia. If you want to contact me by email or with jabber/gtalk you can do so by using my first name followed by @ then shannon.id.au. I also have a website which is nicely devoid of content.

The Rules

(please feel free to add more rules on how to live life, just dont get offended if i deleate them should i not like them)

  • Sing songs, spin stories, love, laugh and drink wine
  • Never take yourself too seriously
  • Free your heart from hatred
  • Free your mind from worries
  • Live simply
  • Give more
  • Expect less
  • Ignore all rules
  • Eat chili with eyes wide open
  • Do good, where practical; and do good where it isn't aswell
  • Give Kelly a hug



Useful stuff


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