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Hey all,

Well, I'm Joel. I regularly contribute to Wikipedia under the same name of SoLando. I'm 18, from Liverpool (as my Wikipedia page states - its like Rome, but with quite a lot of chavs/scallies).

I go to college; however, I have no idea what to do - hopefully like many other students, then :-D Journalism interests me, but I have atrocious writing skills, as is (usually) noticeable. Meh!

I'll probably contribute to most articles on Wikinews though I'll prob' specialise in the following: Liverpool :-), UK stuff, politics and conflicts, and sports.

Wikinews is pretty rad! I'm going to try and do some more original reporting. That probably means alot of e-mail questions as most of the stuff I write about tends to happen far, far away.

If you want to discuss anything, visit the "wonderful" world of the talk page or e-mail me.

Take care all!