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Plato said "To do is to be". Jean-Paul Sartre said "To be is to do". Frank Sinatra said "Do-be-do-be-do".

I live in New York City. Musician, software engineer, photographer, chess player. Knowledge hungry, always seeking something new.

My home wiki is the English Wikipedia, where I serve as an administrator. You may also find me on Commons, and less often on English Wikivoyage and Wikidata.

I am a software engineer on the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Tech team. Please note that all statements and contributions made from this personal account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

Software I've helped write

in a volunteer capacity:

  • XTools — A suite of statistics tools for users, pages, projects, and much more, including the legendary Edit Counter. Feature-rich, fast, and built to deliver masses amounts of data. An API is available for public use.
  • Pageviews Analysis — A feature-rich suite of cross-wiki pageview analysis tools. Other bundled tools allow mass-querying of pages that include certain links, templates, categories, etc.
  • MoreMenu — A gadget that adds "User" and "Page" menus containing useful links to common tasks, logs, analytic tools/statistics, and admin/steward tools. Can be used on any Wikimedia Foundation wiki.
  • Range contributions — MediaWiki core feature to view contributions across an IP range at Special:Contributions.
  • Global Search — A tool to do keyword and source regex searches across all Wikimedia Foundation wikis.
  • Event Streams — Watch and filter real-time events across all wikis.
  • SQL Optimizer — Allows you to run EXPLAIN on your Toolforge queries so that you can measure how efficient it is, and suggests improvements if common issues are detected.