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English WikiNews
English WikiNews

This user has been on Wikinews since September 22 2009.
en This user is a native speaker of English.

Published SpokenWikinewsEdit

These spoken Wikinews articles are currently live on their respected article pages. Feel free to listen to my ever growing portfolio or articles.

Date Article Listen
2009-09-22 UK scientists advise heart attack-susceptible to get flu shot
2009-09-23 Images show new dimension to Saturn's rings
2009-09-23 Michael Jackson film "This Is It" to be premiered in at least 15 world cities simultaneously
2009-09-23 Germany threatens to walk out of UN General Assembly if Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust
2009-09-23 Activists claim police harrassment as G20 summit nears
2009-09-23 Red dust storm engulfs Sydney, Australia
2009-09-23 Chess grandmasters Kasparov and Karpov play match in Spain
2009-09-26 Pope Benedict XVI announces visit to United Kingdom

In Progress SpokenWikinewsEdit

Date Article Status
None Planned

The status field indicates my progress on an individual article, and will be any one of the following:
Planned: This indicates I am currently in the process of scripting the article for recording
Currently Recording: This indicates that I am currently in the process of recording the fully scripted article.
Post Production: While in post production, recordings are being modified to remove excess noise from the recording and enhance speech
Completed: Articles with this status will be moved to completed, with a preview shortly.

Article requestsEdit

Do you think your article needs a spoken version? If so, then I'm here to help. Just edit this section with the linked article along with your signature, and I'll get straight on to it.