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About MeEdit

I am Dr.J.Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas, male, 28 years old, married, native of Thoothukudi or Tuticorin district of TamilNadu, India


I did my schooling in St.Thomas Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Thoothukudi, MBBS in Tirunelveli Medical College and D.Ortho in Madurai Medical College.


At present, I am working as Medical Officer, Mullakkadu Primary Health Centre. I am at present a Civil Assistant Surgeon, Government of Tamil Nadu

Before that, I was working as Block Medical Officer, Ottapidaram Block at Ottanatham Primary Health Centre.

Other institutions with which I have been associated / I have worked in the past (and not given above) include

Languages knownEdit

  1. Tamil - mother tongue
  2. English -
  3. French - Read, Write and Speak
  4. Hindi - Read, Write

My BooksEdit

Already PublishedEdit

I have so far written and published six medical Books.

  1. ISBN 81-8061-309-7 RxPG AIPG 2004 (out of print) - published by Jaypee [1]
  2. ISBN 81-8061-547-2 RxPG TargetPG AIPG 2005 - published by Jaypee
  3. ISBN 81-89477-00-5 TargetPG TNPSC 1995 to 2003 - published by Kalam Books [2]
  4. TargetPG TNPSC Interview Buster - published by TargetPG
  5. ISBN 81-8061-768-8 RxPG TargetPG Series All India 2006 - published by Jaypee
  6. ISBN 81-8061-811-0 TargetPG Zulfi-Raj's PrePG Medicine Handbook - published by Jaypee [3]

In PrintEdit

  1. First Test Series: Ortho MCQs - to be published by Kalam Books

Forthcoming booksEdit

October 2006Edit

  1. TargetPG Series Tamil Nadu PG 2002 to 2006 Review - to be published by PARAS Publishing
  2. TargetPG TNPSC 2005 - to be published by Kalam Books
  3. TargetPG TNPSC 1995 to 2005 - to be published by Kalam Books

January 2007Edit

  1. RxPG TargetPG Series All India 2003 to 2006 - to be published by Jaypee

Future Books plannedEdit


  1. A book about Acids Bases and Electrolyte Disturbances
  2. A book about Genetics


  1. A book about PHC Life
  2. A book about Internship


  1. Translating the works of Thamizh authors like Indira Soundarajan, Subha, Pattukottai Prabhakar into English

My Web SitesEdit

The websites I have created include

The Blogs I maintain include


This pageEdit

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Number of Articles in WikipediaEdit

Number of articles on English Wikipedia: 21,642

Current Date and TimeEdit

Current time: Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 03:34 (UTC)
ta This user is a native speaker of Tamil.
en-4 This user is able to contribute with a near-native level of English.