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Hey, my script is actually put to work. Cool!

Magnus - it rocks. It is a huge improvement over the original software.

Thanks!--Magnus Manske

Some minor problems - on the preferences tab "address" is spelt "adress". On the welcome screen after creating a new login "preferences" is spelt "perferences" Manning Bartlett

Fixed.--Magnus Manske

Nice job on the new software. I downloaded the CVS tree and installed it as I want to test it for use with my DarwinWiki project. Is there a mySQL script to setup the initial database? One thing you might want to keep in mind is that you may want to generalize the script and use some variables (e.g. $WIKINAME="Wikipedia") to allow individuals to use the software on other projects. John Lynch

Thanks! I am glad (and proud:) that the scipt is to (most) people's liking. There are several things I plan to add, like a "module" with variables that contain the complete fixed text for the wiki, so it can be adapted to different purposes and languages. Also, I'll add a "dummy" database. But unfortunately, my time is a little short till the end of December, since I am preparing for my "final tests", so the little programming I can do will go into fixing bugs. After December, I'll be back running full hacking power ahead again! --Magnus Manske

Magnus, some things to note.

  • When emitting attributes, you must enclose them in quotes.
  • When referring to document.f.EditBox, there had better be a .f.EditBox, which there isn't. This is giving a script error.
  • Have you looked at Tavi and PHPWiki?
  • From that, you should know that KeptPages is capable of elegantly and securely handling page deletion by the community at large. From the mailing list, apparently this is a problem.
  • I think you'll notice the syntax for unordered lists isn't working.
  • The colours for the diffs are very hard to read. I suspect colour blind people would agree. If not, I'd think people are going colour blind just from the purple on pastel approach. ;) Use black for the foreground text.

-- SunirShah

Hello magnus, I really like the new wiki - it is very confortable to use. One suggestion: could you make the 'Talk' subpage change colour or something to indicate that text exists there, otherwise it is impossible to know if somebody has a comment to make. -- sodium

Thanks! This must become a bit annoying - having spent time writing a great piece of software your personal page turns in to a feature/bug list for it ;) BTW you seem to have noticed my not exactly top-notch spelling (chromosone/chromosome + Roswell/Roslin). -- sodium

I agree with both of sodium's above sentences.  :-) --Larry_Sanger

Is this the place to report problems with the new software? When I submit an article and find a minor error, I usually click my browser's back button, edit, mark "this is a minor edit", and then "save" again. This works fine with UseModWiki, but with your software I get an edit conflict (with myself, obviously). I think the software should tolerate the case when a new submission based on the old serial number is made by the same author. I think UseModWiki does this right. --user:LA2

Until I fix that (which will take some time), hit the "reload" button after going back to the edit page. This will reset the time-based edit conflict detection. --Magnus Manske

Magnus - just another comment. Can we have a "Search" or a "Go" button besides the search box? I personally prefer having something I can click on rather than having to hit "enter" - MMGB

Hello Magnus, I really like the new wiki - it is very nice comfortable to use. I downloaded the CVS tree and installed it as I want to test it for use. What is different set up between and ?

I want to use your wiki to different purposes and language (euc_kr). --beginner

I there! I also wrote a small wikipedia-viewer some time ago, but never published it. Does your viewer already work and are screenshots available?

lg Clemens

Hi Magnus,

I would like to help with the beta testing of the client side editor mentioned. This is a great idea, and I would be glad to be part of its development.

Please tell me where I go to download your software.


Sterlingda 07:12, 14 Aug 2004 (UTC)
sterlingda {at}

Enhanced Recent Changes as Default

Magnus amazing work!. I am currently running MediaWiki version 1.5Beta3 and was wondering how can I set as default the Enhanced recent changes for all users when they register their account. While still leave the option available for users preferences to uncheck it. I went briefly over the DefaultSettings.php but couldn't find the parameter related to this setting.

Thanks! --Mhillion 22:52, 30 July 2005 (UTC)

Hebrew Wikipedia

Nice & very interesting work, but ... It dose not work on the Hebrew Wikipedia. It's really a pity as the combination of the Hebrew language (RTL) and the complex HTML tags makes tables editing almost impossible.
Can you please check if there is something you can do to help us. Our SysOp is [1], I'll drop him a message also. 10x anyway ^^ Dod1 08:23, 19 Dec 2003 (UTC)


Hey.. dood.. meta wiki..downlist, meme inclusion methodology.. universal wikispace.. comment not fit here.. let's talk.. 17:38, 5 May 2004 (UTC)

Draft about Wikipedia-on-DVD

Hello Magnus,

I just had the thought that Wikipedia really should build a Wikipedia-on-DVD distribution. When I searched for projects that aim to build such a distribution, I couldn't find any. So I started to write a draft about why I think a Wikipedia-on-DVD distribution is important and how it could be achieved, when I accidentally came to this page and saw that you are developing a similar system.

Though, as I have already written the draft now and I really think it includes some interesting ideas, I decided to publish it at User:Robamler. Perhaps you can use some of the ideas in this draft. Please note that this draft was only meant as the start of a discussion. I don't want to put thru my opinions if others don't agree with me. I would also be glad if I could help your project somewhere, though I'm not familiar with the Wikipedia database system.

-- 18:32, 24 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Where is the Client-side editor holding now, a few days before 2005?

German wikipedia DVD I think for now maybe you should keep the same interface (html) and let people update the dvd version.

After that you could start on the other parts. (multimedia in special section as well as normal...)

I would like to test it

--adam1213 02:22, 13 Jun 2005 (UTC)

FIST is broken

It's currently BROKEN - if there are ANY images in the article at all (such as from cleanup templates, audio version templates or anything else) it refuses to search saying there are already images in the article. I had to temporarily remove all the little images from an article to get it to work. Can you help at all? Exxolon (talk) 19:23, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

hallo, ich verstehe nicht, warum das aktuelle bild bei claude cueni nicht akzeptiert wurde. es ist neuer als das alte, von mir und vom autor gutgeheissen, danke. ralu

Makeref description

I recently edited the descriptions of a number of wikipedia citation tools. I am not sure I understand the real purpose of MakeRef. It seems to me that it's simply a form, very similar to the form built into Wikipedia, which then generates {{cite}} templates. Is there some other magic I'm missing? How is it superior to the built-in form? I'd appreciate your review and improvements on my rather paltry description. Sondra.kinsey (talk) 20:51, 15 January 2017 (UTC)


Hallo Magnus, da Du nun auch an den vielen Löschungen meiner Bilder mitgewirkt hast, hoffe ich dass wir über dieses Problem in Deutsch kommunizieren können, da mir die Thematik auf Englisch nicht nachvolziehbar ist. Ich hatte auf User talk:Der wilde bernd zu jedem Bild Bemerkungen hinterlegt, doch darauf ist inhaltlich niemand eingegangen. Ich vermag diese Löschungen nicht nachzuvollziehen, da es sich zum überwiegenden Teil um Fotos aus öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen gehandelt hat (Akten), aus Fotos aus meinem eigenen Bestand (ÖKO-Test), Gedenktafeln in Frankfurt, Landmarks in der Gemarkung und in einem Fall um ein Portrait, das von der Uni ausdrücklich zur Veröffentlichung freigegeben war. Mir ist das nicht verständlich, denn in der Konsequenz heißt das, dass ich künftig die Finger von Fotos lasse. Viele Grüße Bernd Wältz