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Articles I've Worked OnEdit

Wikimedia fundraiser highlights webcomic community's frustration with Wikipedia guidelines
Extensive work done doesn't even begin to explain it. Edited, added to, helped save from deletion, defended and commented several times over the course of the article's collaboration and on its opinions page... you get the idea. You want to see where I shine, this is it in spades.
Bush announces 2007 Medal of Freedom winners
Well, approved for publishing anyway.


"Show Preview" is your friend. Use it.
You don't need to make six dozen edits to a page within one hour, unless it's because you're on a comments/talk page and editing by section actually clarifies things (by showing what you're responding to, if nothing else).
Notability should never be used as an excuse to delete a perfectly good page.
The better a page, the less notability should matter. Even if it's only an example of how a page ought to look, at least it's something.
Don't tear other people down on Wikinews/Wikipedia.
Seriously, though, don't be a dick, and realize that telling someone else they're a dick on something public like this makes you a bit of a dick by association. Besides, there are . . . 'other' wikis where criticism can be bandied about a little looser, if you insist.