Welcome at me........

I am limited known as Ameer, though my official wikiname would mention Irsjad (Dutch spelling, English would be Irshad), which both are my Muslim names, who fully sounds Ameer Irshad Ali..... Read more about this in my intro and so on!

Feel free to comment on the comments page and please, not here, this is my realm ;-)


--Ameer™ 21:32, 23 October 2005 (UTC)

Introduction | Who am I? edit

I'm a Dutchman, born 1976 (so calculate my age yourself). I have studied Human Geography, specialised in political & cultural geography in which geopolitics, environmental conflict studies and cultural studies are my main interest. I'm very spiritual, studied Jewism, Christianity, Buddhism (tibetan & zen), Taoism and Islam. In 2002 I reverted to Islam, for me a natural step in my development, which you can read on one of my blogs.

My favorite quote edit

As for now I use this quote mostly on the net as a signature. However, I might post some other quotes I lik overhere!

There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance - Hazrat Ali ibn Abi-Talib (as)'

Objectives edit

As you could read in my intro, my background, education, religion and work bring me in a diverse field of interest and knowledge. As such, I hope to learn more here, find valuable information and share my own information and modest knowledge with you! May we learn from eachother and understand eachother. My specific interests are:

International Relations; UN, NATO, Middle East, South Asia Developing Countries; social, economic & political change & struggle Environmental Issues Islam; Islamologist/Fundamentalists, Modern Moderates, changes in the Islamic worlds, and unfortunately: terrorism, the political Islam.

Other Information edit

If you really would like to know more about me. I can tell you, I use linux especially the ubuntu distro, and furthermore I use the Opera webbrowser. On which My Opera page you can find more about me. Besides this page I try to blog now and then on my own blogger pages at Mumin al Bayda and luxzenburg.org pages. So that's all there is to tell I guess....... take care!

--Ameer™ 00:05, 30 October 2005 (UTC)