My perspective of wikinews is that the reviews are a frustrating feature. For example, on my first article I spent a lengthy time trying to fix problems, but 24 hours later I get another review that pinpoint completely new problems. At this point you feel like theres no point reworking on the article because you worry you're wasting your time with reviewers possibly gutting your work after days of hard work. Why would anybody waste their time working on something that's going to possibly be gutted afterwards? Plus theres the issue that reviewers give you contradicting statements. One reviewer told me to to avoid close paraphrasing then later told me the opposite - to close paraphrase. Either I have the IQ of a teddybear or this reviewing process is hopeless. For me, it is a mystery why anyone would want to volunteer on wikinews. I'm feeling slightly mellow (talk) 13:46, 16 February 2015 (UTC)