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Accredited reporter
Accredited reporter

Reporter: Wolfgang G. Wettach (Gwyndon)
Location: Tübingen, Germany
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Tel/Voicemail: Upon Request
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  • Snailmail: Postfach 2747, D-72017 Tübingen
  • AIM: Gwyndon
  • ICQ: 99456956
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  • Skype: PeliCorn

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Ad Personam:


Legal age is something reached quite some time ago. For en.Wikipedia and de.Wikipedia I've contributed some articles and edits over the years. As a journalist I've been accredited at en.wikinews and accredited at de.wikinews with original contributions (Akkreditiert).

A few details about me:

  • Working as coach and consultant with the focus on PR & marketing, and as board member at the Munich businessplan competition MBPW, where startup-companies get advice on steps beyond the first.
  • Working as main editor of the online portals HogwartsOnline and TolkienOnline and FB-Pages (~40.000 original visitors per month), reviewing fantasy, fairy-tales and medieval books.
  • Member of the International Arthurian Society, the society of german medievalists (Deutscher Mediävisten-Verband), the german branch of the War Resisters International, (Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft DFG-VK) and the German Green Party. Deputy spokesperson of the Baden-Württemberg branch and member of the Executive Bureau of the UEF
  • Hobbies:
Politics (US also, but mainly EU-politics)
Religion (especially the christian ecumenical ideas as Frère Roger advocated them.)
Fantasy (especially Tolkien and Harry Potter but also Project MyraWorld and Doctor Who.
  • Wikias:
Tardis Wiki
RPG Wiki

--Gwyndon (talk) 22:03, 18 March 2018 (UTC)


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