This is my 3rd writings into my profile in the year of 2009- and what a few months it has been!

Going from the stress of the old house to the opportunities of the new place; right now I am creating a documentary for the NHS on mental health stigma and involvement. I am also on 2 national advisory panels for mental health, and have a second film in the works off my own back.

But some more about me: I suffer (or at least my label at the moment) from the mental illness bipolar disorder; defined by exaggerated highs and suicidal lows. I have become more open about it in the last few years, in the hope that others will be willing to stand up and have their voice heard.

I forever hold schools (particularly my old grammar school and the whole grammar school system) in contempt for acting as a catalyst to whatever problems I've had to deal with now. These schools are so bothered about being the top in the county league tables, they're ignoring wellbeing. I'm speaking for a huge silent minority of students that survived that school in saying they failed us in their snobbery and greed for grades. The school has also turned out a teenage counselling service rolling out across the county- which is absolutely disgusting.

My mission in life is to earn enough to live on, and to stand up for all the young people being abused by a system focused on exams rather than learning how to live.