What is wikinews

Wikinews is a free-content news wiki and a project of the Wikimedia Foundation that works through collaborative journalism. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has distinguished Wikinews from Wikipedia by saying, "On Wikinews, each story is to be written as a news story as opposed to an encyclopedia article." wikinews is a free content news,on wikinews each story is to be written as a news story as opposed to an enclyopedia article. this site works through journalism.

What does wikinews offer?

Wikinews is a project which aims to collaboratively report and summarize news on all subjects from a neutral point of view. This page describes the project goals, and outlines basic requirements for the project. There will be Wikinews communities in many languages (see Wikinews Statistics). The precise implementation of the Wikinews requirements is left up to these individual communities. You can ask for a new language. Wikinews

How can a teacher use wikinews in the classroom.

The teacher can let the students read about current news in the classroom on wikinews, this way it will assist students that are interested in doing journalism as a career and for them to be aware on what's happening around them. The teacher can also communicate with his/her students on wikinews. The advantage of this over regular homework is that the students are dealing with real life situations, which is not only educational but also makes it more interesting, possibly resulting in an increased dedication.

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