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For Wikinewsies who have created, authored or contributed at least 3 paragraphs to 1-10 stories.

Topics challengeEdit

I will write at least one article in each topic area, place the "Done" template when completed, and recommend one, two or possibly three articles credited to me. (See: Community standard for credit under the "Intern" or "Cub Reporter" graphic.) No article will be listed in multiple categories, and the chosen category should be immediately intuitive. Recommended articles are ordered from new to old. My "To Do" list is in boldface.

  • Crime and law   Not done
  • Culture and entertainment   Not done
  • Disasters and accidents   Not done
  • Economy and business   Not done
  • Education   Not done
  • Environment   Not done
  • Health   Not done
  • Obituaries   Not done
  • Politics and conflicts   Not done
  • Science and technology   Not done
  • Sports   Not done
  • Wacky news   Not done
  • Weather   Not done


Regions challengeEdit

Using similar guidelines in "Topics" above, I will write at least one article about each region of the world. All articles listed below must be outside of my native country, which is the United States of America.

  • Africa   Not done
  • North America (outside of US)   Not done
  • South America   Not done
  • Asia   Not done
  • Europe   Not done
  • Middle East   Not done
  • Oceania   Not done
  • World   Not done


Media challengeEdit

Similar to the above guidelines, but I will use a variety of tools to tell interesting stories and provide context and perspective to the facts. I will document my sources for each use below in my reporter's notes on the talk page of the article for transparency.

Note: Only temporarily double counting for purposes of examples until I get more articles under my belt.

  • Conduct a Q & A interview   Not done
  • Interview one expert source and one affected person in a story   Not done
  • Use primary source documents to tell a story and supplement with an interview   Not done
  • Include human observation in a story where you have also conducted an interview   Not done Note: Your own observation is considered primary. Observations from others is sourced and called secondary. Both should be documented in your notes. State in the story that Wikinews was present.
  • Photo story   Not done Note: You can either take the photos or you can retrieve them from a reliable source while strictly observing copyright.
  • Audio   Not done
  • Video   Not done
  • Create an infobox   Not done
  • Create an infographic from sourced data   Not done
  • Create a diagram   Not done
  • Use a map   Not done
  • Make a timeline   Not done
  • Use a spreadsheet to analyze data from a primary source and supplement with an interview   Not done
  • Apply your country's rules to access data from public institutions   Not done


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