• Private WMF wiki to eventually replace
    • See previous request at Phab and previous proposal.
    • Shared with other Wikinews wikis?
  • VRT queue(s) for the above?
  • User group for accredited reporters with just one permission:
    • Add group: Accredited reporter
  • Reviewers and Accredited to be able to promote successful candidates, similar to COM:LR?

  • Draft namespace for new articles, with pre-loaded structure, and for WN:Story preparation?

  • Reconsideration of PROD criteria e.g. 3+2 days or 5+2 rather than 4+2 days for Abandoned?

  • Separation of policy pages from request pages:
  • Possibility of bring WN:FRRFP and WN:AR requests into WN:RFP?

  • Format for requests pages:
    • Header subpage
      • Links to policies and archives
      • How-to in lede section
    • Request listing section(s)

  • Reorganise WN:PG by topic e.g. Content, Users, Interactions?

  • Standardise approach for request archives?

Some way of rebooting content projects?