I don't use wikinews anymore because it used wikileaks as if it were a reliable source! You are a bunch of hypocrites. You say that other things aren't reliable sources but that wikileaks is? And to boot, there is nothing here that isn't covered much more extensively in Google news. The use of wikileaks removes any credibility this website had left.

Some entertaining short youtube clips:


[1] (the drama squirrel!)

[2] (hilarious, watch from 25 seconds in)

[3] (hahaha)

[4] (scary and funny)

[5] (traffic in India, amazing!)

[6] (all beauty, no brains, I guess)

[7] (he is lucky he is not a road-side pancake)

[8] (ouch!)

[9] (typical Serb expertise)

[10] (good point)

[11] (priceless)

[12] (hilarious)

[13] (hilarious, and they aren't gay)

[14] (retards in audience)

[15] (funny puppet act)

[16] (no more freedom fries)

[17] (she is just like W)


Bush videos (bushisms)




[20] (sounds real)

[21] (Makes the Gettysburg Address look pathetic!)

[22] (Is he?)


[24] (politicians do this all of the time to deny time to their adversary)


[26] (edited speech footage on tonight show)

[27] (COOL!)