Hello, I'm Chris Chapman and (on this site) I'm primarily a newsreader for Spoken Wikinews and the Wikinews News Brief.

If you see a box like the following on an article, I'm in the process of preparing the spoken edition.

Chris (talk) is currently recording or editing an audio version of this article.
See Spoken Wikinews for further information
This notice was placed at 12:38, 27 January 2013 (UTC). If a significant amount of time has passed,
please check with Chris (talk) to see if he or she is still working before removing this message.

Boxes like the one on the right which feature my name in them denote articles I've read. You're free to listen to the example one here as an example of my work.

Feel free to discuss my work or request my help on my talk page. If I leave a comment on your page, please feel free to make use of the {{Talkback}} tag on my page.

For any other newsreaders, I've prepared a set of templates useful for copying and pasting into articles - but you may need to edit them to remove my user name.