I've been kicking around in the community a while... I'm a professional open source developer at OSDL (currently the 2nd most senior person at the company.) I am the founder of the Inkscape and Open Clip Art projects. I was involved in the Mozilla development right after it first got open sourced. I was one of the original Gnupedian/Wikipedian's way back when. I guess have a habit of getting involved in new but cool projects early on in their life. I think I enjoy how maleable and freewheeling new projects are a lot more than after they've gotten established.

I love the ideas behind WikiNews, but I think the thing that attracts me the most is that I sense it has huge potential down the road long term (bigger even than Wikipedia) and want to lend a hand nudging it forward. I am fascinated by its potential to provide an effective alternative to corporate-dominated mass news media, and the idea of letting the open community control the news publication process. WikiNews has a long way to go, but I think it's on the right track, and it's just too damn addictive to help in getting it scaled up.  ;-)