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Hey there, I'm Bluegoblin7 (talk · contribs · page moves · block user · block log), a user and reviewer here at the English Wikinews, and I'm also Bluegoblin7 at all other Wikimedia Foundation projects. I've been involved with Wikimedia since February 2007, originally at the English Wikipedia, and now at many wikis: my account is currently unified on 132 project sites. My home wiki is the Simple English Wikipedia.

Elsewhere on the InterWebz, I'm the Editor of the successful Tramways Monthly E-Magazine and the founder and owner of The Aloud Group, which now operates two community-powered websites, Blackpool Aloud and Manchester Aloud, with many more in the pipeline. One of my most recent projects is Wikinovel, a wiki that I have set up with fellow Wikimedian Fr33kman that is dedicated to the collaborative creation of works of fiction. If that wasn't enough, I'm also involved in several other smaller scale projects too.

You can get in touch with me through a number of different methods. My talk page is available to take messages, but please feel free to use e-mail for sensitive issues.

Alternatively, you can find me on IRC freenode under the nickname Bluegoblin7, Bleep or Dalek-Bleep, or any variation on those names! I hang out most in #wikipedia-simple and ##bluegoblin7, so you can find me there or drop me a /msg.

I try and get involved in any area where I'm needed and also to try and help people out, especially those who remain civil towards me :-)

Here at Wikinews, my work so far has mainly involved writing and reviewing a number of different articles about all manner of subjects - my personal creations can be seen at the bottom of this page.

If you need help with anything, just ping me. I've got knowledge of MediaWiki both front end and back end, and I'm always happy to help!

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