HI, my name is Gero and I am a German software developer.

Some time ago I started to develop a more powerful version of mw:Extension:DynamicPageList.

Recently I put some effort in making that new version ('DPL') compatible with the one which is used here (sometimes also called Extension:Intersection). I also added some features which should make the decision of using DPL easier:

  • At installation time the admin can configure how much of DPL's total functionality shall be made available to the users.
  • At installation time it can now be decided if DPL shall respect the MediaWiki ParserCache (which usually means that DPL calculates its results only once per day or on explicit request -- but not when a page is normally loaded)
  • Now there is an additional cache within DPL which works independantly from MediaWiki's own ParserCache. This new DplCache works even if a page containing a DPL statement is changed by an edit action (as long as the DPL statement itself is not altered). The expiration date of the DplCache can be defined individually within a DPL statement. So it can even be much longer than 24 hours if this is considered to be o.k. in certain cases.

I think that Wikinews (and Wikipedia) could benefit a lot from the latest version of DynamicPageList. If you want to understand why, see the demo website !