This IP is used on rotation by a small ISP. Hence it ends up being semi-permanently assigned to a user.
For example, I've only ever had x.13 and x.20 assigned to me so far. (Those two IP's were once used by a WP vandal, but since I've joined, I've seen only minor test vandalism on WP, and nothing here. (Sad when you're not popular enough to even attract vandalism.))

So, I'm using this page as a hold-all/reminder pad for stuff (like chunks of help pages, templates I always forget, etc) I've collected.

Pages and Pages edit

Templates edit

  • {{tl}} - Template that allows you to write and link to a template, without calling it. Uses form, { { tl | "template" } }
  • {{expand}} - Help flag for development.
  • {{ready}} - Help flag for development.
  • {{publish}} - ...of course.

Random stuff edit

Indent is ":". Double indent, "::". Forced linebreak is < Br >.

?but what's the code(s) for treat-as-plain-text??