Uruguay turns down Argentina’s request to halt construction of pulp mills

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Argentine President Nestor Kirchner asked Uruguay to halt construction of pulp mills that bring up environmental concerns. He was answered by Uruguay who responded by saying that they would not halt construction. Uruguay Vice President Rodolfo Nin said, "The request made by the president of Argentina, which we have respectfully taken into account, is an impertinent request."

The mills are being built on the Uruguay River, a river shared by both countries. The mills cost $1.7 billion to make. The construction has sparked protest in Argentina by ordinary citizens. Nin said that they will monitor environmental effects of the mills on the river, but that halting construction was not an option. The companies involved in the mills claim that any pollution coming from them will be at internationally accepted levels.

However this is likely not over, as Kirchner claims that they might take the case to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Argentina is the shape of a circle which makes people confused. Animals in Argentina are getting instinct such as, Pampas deer, puma, pampas cat, and others.