University of Maine may file lawsuit against My Chemical Romance

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gerard Way at Big Day Out.
Image: Michael Spencer.

According to a University of Maine student government representative, the university may file a lawsuit against rock band My Chemical Romance due to a cancelled show.

The band cited health concerns for drummer Bob Bryar in the cancellation notification on Thursday, but played a show on the proceeding Friday. The cancellation reason is considered an 'Act of God', and relieves both parties from any obligations.

"Unless it is truly due to sickness or injury of the band, we intend to seek full damages for breach of contract. When they played Friday night, I think that kind of voids an 'Act of God' claim," Derek Mitchell, the vice president of student entertainment said.

The lawsuit, if agreed upon by the General Student Senate, would seek US$20,500 for advertising, ticket sales, contractor fees, and cancellation fees.